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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
Active and Former Installations throughout AK

Ahtna provides services to the Fish and Wildlife Services under several contracts for work plan preparation, and subsequent site restoration, remediation, abatement, demolition, and various types of A-E services at sites located at various active and former USF&W installations throughout the State of Alaska.

Services include, but are not limited to, work plan and incidental design preparation, demolition, site restoration, removal actions, interim remedial actions, remedial actions, operation and maintenance, other actions incidental to site remediation, construction, and other A-E services to support total site remediation and restoration.

Ahtna furnishes all management, labor, materials, equipment, and transportation to perform all work necessary. Ahtna maintains a management staff and system that ensures flexibility, communication, and the diversity of personnel necessary to successfully plan, design and execute complex, multi-faceted, potentially simultaneous site restorations and remediation’s for the USF&W.

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